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mar 29, 2019 | A glorious Sunday of popular fair and joy in Rio de Janeiro

Sunday, in Glória, a neighborhood in the Southern Zone of Rio, is a popular fair day. The sun has not yet risen, but dozens of traders have begun setting up their stalls and arranging fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers, and biscuits on their displays. When the clock strikes 8am, the buzz on Avenida Augusto Severo starts to grow. Residents, locals from other neighborhoods and tourists start to arrive to enjoy one of the most traditional fairs in the city. Here you can buy fresh produce, have a special breakfast and still enjoy good samba. A program for the whole family.

mar 28, 2019 | New pilgrimage route leads devotees to Christ the Redeemer

The Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, will be the destination of a group of Catholic pilgrims leaving the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, in the countryside of São Paulo, on April 6. The devotees intend to inaugurate a pilgrimage route, which has almost 500 kilometers and crosses 21 municipalities, by bicycle. They expect to arrive in the capital of Rio de Janeiro seven days later, on April 13.

mar 27, 2019 | End of visa increases tickets demand to Brazil

For the second consecutive month, intentional homicide and violent lethality rates (manslaughter, robbery followed by death, bodily injury followed by death and death by the intervention of a state agent) dropped in the state of Rio de Janeiro. In February, manslaughter rates declined by 28% in relation to the same period in 2018. This was February with the lowest number of victims in the last 28 years and the lowest number of victims since August 2015. It was a 17% drop compared to January.

mar 22, 2019 | Rio has breakfast options with stunning views

A good place to wake up, enjoy the view and have the breakfast of your dreams. Rio's natural beauties make the city the perfect setting to start the day as if you were in a movie. There is no shortage of options for all tastes and budgets in several neighborhoods of the capital and in Niterói, a city in the metropolitan region that shares the Guanabara Bay with Rio. Check out this mouthwatering tour:

mar 20, 2019 | Rio University is one of the three best in Latin America

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) is the third best higher education institution in Latin America. This is what the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, a study produced by the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations, the largest public research body in Spain, points out. The Latin American ranking is led by the University of São Paulo (USP), also Brazilian, followed by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

mar 19, 2019 | Brazil ends Visa requirement for Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Japanese

From June 17, American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens who wish to disembark in Brazil, for tourism or business, will be exempt from visas. The end of the requirement is part of a decree published by the Brazilian government on Monday, 18th. The measure intends to increase the number of visitors in the country.

mar 18, 2019 | European tourists have new flight options to Rio

The European tourist who wants to land in Rio de Janeiro to visit its wonders or close deals will have new options for weekly flights. The airline Iberia has just announced two more flights from Madrid, the Spanish capital, to the city. This means international tourists heading to Brazil will have at least 20,000 more seats available annually.

feb 28, 2019 | Rio celebrates 454 years of existence winning the hearts of locals and tourists

Tomorrow, March 1, Rio de Janeiro turns 454. In 2019 the date coincides with the beginning of the largest and most joyous party promoted in the city: Carnival. While Cariocas and tourists get ready to enjoy the block parties and samba schools, the second largest metropolis in the country, that was once the federal capital, presents its postcards as a perfect scenario for those who like partying and for those who just want some rest.

feb 26, 2019 | Air route between Rio and São Paulo is the second busiest in the Americas

The airplane route that connects the two largest cities of Brazil is the second busiest in the Americas. It's what a study recently released by the English website Routesonline showed. In 2018, 3.9 million passengers travelled between Rio de Janeiro, largest coastal city of the country, and São Paulo, Brazil's largest metropolis. The connection between Mexico City, the Mexican capital, and tourist destination Cancun, in the Caribbean, leads the ranking. The 86 daily flights took 4.87 million passengers in 12 months.

feb 25, 2019 | Beaches in Rio prominent among German tourists

The beauty of Rio de Janeiro beaches has won over German tourists who arrive in Brazil. A survey recently released by travel portal TripAdvisor shows that in the German tourists' opinion, among the 10 best beaches in the country, five are located in the state. The ranking, led by Baia do Sancho, in Fernando de Noronha (PE), features Pontal do Atalaia (2), Farol (3) and Forno (4) beaches, in Arraial do Cabo; Lopes Mendes (6), in Ilha Grande; and Arpoador (7), in the capital.

feb 19, 2019 | A draft beer is always a good call in Rio’s evening

Those who think that only Rio’s beautiful beaches are packed in the summer couldn’t be more wrong. With temperature around 41ºC in January, the country’s second largest metropolis is a draft beer consumption champion. The average here is two times higher than that registered in other capitals of the country. And a true carioca doesn’t go home after working hours, at sundown. Sitting at one of the thousands of bars in the city and sipping a cold beer is almost a religion. Close to the beach, with or without a view of the sea, modern or old, the options are many. Check out some of the most popular points:

jan 29, 2019 | Gigoia Island is an oasis in the middle of the bustling Barra da Tijuca

A place where the car does not enter, with dirt roads, where the locals know each other, and the houses resemble the bucolic atmosphere of a countryside city. This peace haven is one of the secrets that Barra da Tijuca, a district in the Western Zone of Rio de Janeiro, hides a few minutes away from its busiest avenue: Avenida das Américas. Surrounded by nature, Gigoia Island, part of an archipelago of 10 islets in the lagoons of Marapendi, Tijuca and Jacarepaguá, is a paradise that must be discovered by those who visit the second largest metropolis in Brazil.

jan 25, 2019 | Rio has a busy nightlife, filled with LGBT parties and venues

Rio de Janeiro boasts beautiful natural landscapes that blend with the busy life of Brazil’s second largest metropolis, ensuring a unique and unforgettable lifestyle. A perfect setting to enjoy its famous and democratic beaches or to practice outdoor sports. But when night falls, the city, voted more than once as the best destination for LGBT tourists in Latin America, has a list of breathtaking bars and parties for both locals and tourists. In summer, the options multiply.

jan 22, 2019 | Ipanema Beach is among the best in the world

Accustomed to dictating what is fashionable in the Brazilian summer, the trendy Ipanema beach, in the Southern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is on the rise outside of Brazil. The Rio paradise, located just over 15 minutes from the financial center of the second largest metropolis in the country, was pointed as a destination not to be missed by two tourism publications. Ipanema ranked second in the list of the nine best city beaches published by British magazine Wanderlust. And occupied the same position in the list of 20 best beaches in the world published by the North American Afar.

jan 16, 2019 | Christ the Redeemer, is one of the most popular destinations among Uber users

Christ, the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil’s benchmark, is one of the 15 most popular destinations in 2018, determined by a survey made through private transport app Uber, considering the trips made by their users in the 21 countries where they operate. Two New York (USA) destinations are at the top of the list: The Empire State Building and The One World Trade Center (listed on Uber by its former name, Freedom Tower).

jan 15, 2019 | New companies, gastronomic market and Ferris wheel stir the Rio Port Area

Almost 10 years after its revitalization began, the Rio de Janeiro port area, which became a symbol of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is being prepared for the arrival of seven new companies and two new leisure ventures: a gastronomic center and a Ferris wheel. In addition, the last VLT line begins operating until the end of the year, the modern train that runs through the downtown area, connecting the bus terminal to Santos Dumont airport.

jan 09, 2019 | Rio has views that will boost your Instagram likes

Gone are the days when tourists would only evaluate accommodation and flight prices before booking a trip. A survey conducted by British insurance company Schofields Insurance confirmed a trend that is clearly seen every day in the feed of thousands of Instagram users: being in scenarios that yield spectacular photos is a priority for travelers. According to the survey, which interviewed 1,000 Britons aged 18-33, 40% of people prioritize how “Instagram worthy” is the destination they will visit. The photographic aesthetic for social networks outweighs items such as cost, local cuisine and whether alcohol is sold at low prices or not. Launched in 2010, the social network of photos, which belongs to Facebook, exceeded the 1 billion active users milestone in 2018.

jan 03, 2019 | Traveling to Rio is a trend according to a Pinterest research

Rio de Janeiro is at the fingertips of those who look for destinations to travel on the image-sharing social media Pinterest. The platform has just announced the 100 trends for 2019, based on the most searched terms in 2018, and the “Marvelous City” ranks first in the Travel category. The most visited metropolis in Brazil recorded a 142% increase in searches. According to Pinterest, this is because the city’s features are its diversity and natural beauty, especially the beaches and the Carnival. Within the Travel category, the other most searched terms were: less visited islands, surprise destination, autumn landscapes, thermal waters, bus trip, small cities to travel to, bicycle tours, travel without trash (sustainable).

dez 27, 2018 | Rio is Brazil’s favorite destination for New Year’s Eve 2019

Rio de Janeiro is the most searched destination by Brazilian travelers to ring in 2019. This is evidenced through a survey from Kayak travel planning website. According to data released by the platform, the city, which last year was ranked third, took the lead and surpassed traditional destinations such as Miami (6th) and Orlando (11th), in the US, which led the ranking in late 2017.

dez 14, 2018 | Electric scooters tend to be the summer hit in Rio

A world fever, electric scooters tend to be the summer hit in Rio de Janeiro. Since the beginning of the month, the city is receiving stations for the sharing of 500 vehicles. The system is like the one that shares bicycles in the streets and parks. Scooters will be released via a smartphone app and should be picked up and returned at specific locations.

dez 11, 2018 | Rio gets new low-cost international flights

Rio de Janeiro has entered the route of low-cost international airlines. Norwegian, Europe’s third-largest airline, began selling the first direct flight tickets in November, connecting London, UK, to Rio. Operations will begin in March 2019. Since October, the Chilean low-cost Sky Airline flies from Santiago, Chile, to Rio de Janeiro, among other Brazilian cities.

dez 07, 2018 | New Year’s Eve in Rio is an explosion of joy

Copacabana beach, one of the most famous and beautiful benchmarks in Brazil, has historically received Olympic competitions, a free Rolling Stones concert and even a mass celebrated by Pope Francis, but it is on December 31st that, every year, it lives its most glamorous moment: the New Year’s fireworks. The party gathers about 2 million cariocas and tourists on the sands and boats that fill the sea.

dez 03, 2018 | The number of Chinese tourists in Brazil has increased and it became easier to get a Visa

It was not only the trade between Brazil and China that has taken a leap in the last 10 years. The number of Chinese tourists arriving in the country has been increasing every year and reached the mark of 61,000 last year. According to data from Embratur, the government agency responsible for promoting tourism in Brazil, the Asians advanced four positions in the overall ranking of countries sending visitors to Brazil.

nov 30, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro named must-visit destination in 2019

Rio de Janeiro was named one of the world’s five most cost-effective destinations for 2019. A survey conducted by British air travel website Skyscanner revealed, after analyzing flight and hotel offers, that in addition to being a great cultural experience, visiting the Americas next year could also be an excellent idea for those who want to save money. According to the study, the day rates in four-star hotels in Rio dropped by 20%. The website also bets on the drop in air tickets prices due to the creation of new direct flights from Europe to the city. We list five classic and unforgettable tours for those who arrive in the Marvelous City. Check out:

nov 22, 2018 | The summer warms the carioca way of life

When November arrives, bringing up the temperature and the Brazilian daylight savings time, Rio de Janeiro starts pulsing differently. Cariocas and tourists seem infected by the summer vibe, which officially only reaches the Southern hemisphere on December 21st. Beaches, squares, parks and forests are swarm by those wanting to enjoy the extra hours of sunshine. We selected five attractions that translate the soul of the summer in Rio. Check it out:

nov 22, 2018 | Rio’s Mercado Municipal offers tourists a unique experience

If you are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, certainly you have included in your itinerary a visit to the Christ, the Redeemer statue, to the Sugarloaf and the wonderful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Traditional destinations which are always popular. But if your goal is to get away from the classic itinerary, Rio’s North Side may be one of your destinations. It is in Benfica, a neighborhood less than 10 kilometers from the financial center of the second largest city in Brazil, that Rio de Janeiro’s Mercado Municipal, also known as “Cadeg”, is located. The site, which is part of the city’s heritage, offers unforgettable experiences that appeal to both cariocas and tourists.

nov 16, 2018 | Rio stands out in cachaça production and tasting

White or yellow? Bitter or sweet? Neat or mixed in drinks, like famous cocktail caipirinha? Cachaça, the first distilled beverage in the Americas, is fashionable and has attracted more and more tourists to Rio de Janeiro. The explanation is simple: the state, which concentrates more than 60 distilleries and is one of the largest producers of the beverage, offers unique flavors and aromas in history-filled stills. There are many winners not only in Brazil, but also in several countries.

nov 12, 2018 | World’s biggest floating Christmas tree is attraction in Rio de Janeiro

When the clock strikes 09 p.m. on December 1st, Rio de Janeiro will light the biggest floating Christmas tree in the world. The 70m (equivalent to a 24-story building) tree, named Árvore do Rio, it will be placed on the waters of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in Rio’s South Zone. In all, the tree will have 900,000 LED lamps and eight scenographic phases, predominantly green and yellow. The inauguration night will have a seven-minute fireworks display. Around 200,000 people are expected for the show.

nov 08, 2018 | Largo do Machado hides historical treasures of Rio de Janeiro

Those who leave the subway station and watch the frenzied transit of cars, vendors and pedestrians from one side to the other wouldn’t imagine that a few meters from Largo do Machado, a square located on the border of the districts of Catete, Flamengo and Laranjeiras, in Rio de Janeiro, you can actually sit down, breathe and relax letting the hours pass. Here the silence is only interrupted by the cackle of geese and ducks and the laughter of children playing in the toys. Guinle Park – a 24,000-square meter green area hidden by several buildings – is a true oasis in this coming and going. One of the treasures to be discovered in this part of the city. Ready for a visit?

nov 02, 2018 | Christ, the Redeemer, is the most beloved landmark in Brazil

At 87 years-old, Christ, the Redeemer, a traditional landmark in Rio de Janeiro, continues to snatch the hearts of Brazilian and foreign tourists. The largest, most famous art-deco sculpture in the world, the 38-meter high statue is the most beloved tourist attraction in Brazil. This is what tells us the Traveler’s Choice Awards 2018, an annual survey of the travelling website TripAdvisor, which lists the 10 sites most appreciated by the public across the country. Two other Carioca attractions are also in the ranking of the darlings of the public: the Selarón Steps, located in Lapa, and the Banco do Brasil Culture Center (CCBB), in downtown Rio.

oct 19, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro opens ports for cruise season

The cruise season in Rio de Janeiro starts next Wednesday (24th). Until late April 2019, the city is to receive more than 380 thousand tourists in 103 cruises. Pier Mauá, in the city’s central region, will receive ten more cruises than in the last season. Eight famous ships will debut in Brazilian waters: AIDAaura, MSC Seaview, Celebrity Eclipse, World Explorer, Azamara Pursuit, Seven Seas Explorer, Viking Sun and Scenic Eclipse.

oct 12, 2018 | Copacabana is the fifth most popular beach in the world

The Museum of Tomorrow, a symbol of the revitalization of the Rio de Janeiro port area, won the Leading Culture Destinations Awards on Friday, September 28th, in London, England. The British award, considered the Oscars of Museums, determined the Rio de Janeiro institution was the best in promoting the soft power, an English expression that indicates the ability to indirectly influence the behavior of society. Abu Dhabi’s Louvre, in the United Arab Emirates, and the Vancouver Museum, in the USA, were also running.

oct 05, 2018 | Parks are the attractions in Rio de Janeiro for the spring

Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for the beauty of its beaches and for harboring the largest urban forest in the world, the Tijuca Forest. But spring is here and cariocas and tourists have many other leisure options in one of the city parks. North to South, we’ve listed five must-see places, full of history, for those who want to play sports, relax, picnic or just breathe fresh air. A fun activity for people of all ages.

oct 01, 2018 | Rio is the best sports tourism destination in South America

Rio de Janeiro has been elected for the fourth consecutive time as South America’s leading sports tourism destination in the 25th edition of the World Travel Awards (WTA), known as the Tourism Oscars. The event that took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in early September, gathered the most prominent names of the travel and tourism industry. The city overcame Buenos Aires and San Carlos de Bariloche, in Argentina, Lima, in Peru, Santiago, in Chile, and São Paulo, also in Brazil.

sep 12, 2018 | An island of tranquility in Rio de Janeiro

An oasis of tranquility with the looks of a countryside city. It is in a nook in the Guanabara Bay, about an hour from Rio’s city center, that locals and tourists can forget that they are in the second largest metropolis in Brazil. Without traffic or police occurrences, Ilha de Paquetá (Paquetá Island) holds legends, mysteries and part of the history of Brazil. Arriving here, be it with friends, with the love of your life or with children, is like going back in time. In its

aug 30, 2018 | Madureira preserves the soul of Rio de Janeiro suburbs

It’s true that Pedra do Sal, in Rio’s City Center, was the cradle of samba. But it would be NO exaggeration to say that it hopped on a train at Central do Brasil and hopped off in Madureira, in the North Zone, where it now lives. This is the address of two of the city’s largest and most traditional samba schools. Together, Portela and Império Serrano have 31 Rio carnival titles. Jewels of popular culture that on their own would already justify a visit to this neighborhood. But in this piece of land that was once reed bed in the 17th century, 45 minutes away from the financial center of the second largest Brazilian metropolis, there is also a park, a market and a dance party that guarantee even more charm to the soul of Rio’s suburbs. Check out five things that you only find in Madureira.

aug 24, 2018 | Rio is much more carioca at the Lavradio Street Fair

You’ve probably already heard that “cariocas não gostam de dias nublados” (or, in English, “cariocas don’t like cloudy days”). The verse from a song by Adriana Calcanhoto, however, is not only about a constant wish of taking a dip in beautiful beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio residents – and why not tourists? - are all about outdoor events. In the first Saturday of every month, starting at 10am, Rua do Lavradio, in the City Center, is taken over by the Rio Antigo Street Fair – that has existed since 1996 and attracts nearly 20,000 people in each edition. The attractions go way beyond the 400 stalls spread across the 700-meter street. So be prepared!

aug 02, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro neighborhood hides a typical carioca tour

Rio de Janeiro offers programs that go beyond the beaches and its consecrated postcards. Famous for witnessing the foundation of the city and housing the Sugar Loaf, with its classic cable car, the small neighborhood of Urca offers a complete itinerary for those who want to enjoy a sunny day in the best carioca style. Put on some light clothes, a pair of sneakers, and if you want a dip, do not forget your swimwear. Ready?

aug 01, 2018 | It is possible to live the Rio Carnival all year round

“Em fevereiro, tem carnaval” (In February there is carnival), says one of the verses from the song “País Tropical”, by Jorge Ben Jor. Year after year, Rio de Janeiro attracts thousands of tourists from all over the planet for biggest popular festival. Most visitors looking out for the beauty, the rhythm and the joy of samba schools. But it is possible to live the experience of the greatest show on Earth, and feel this energy, at other times of the year. But the carnival industry doesn’t stop.

jul 25, 2018 | Christ the Redeemer is the 30th most Instagrammed tourist attraction

Christ the Redeemer is among the world’s most Instagrammed tourist attractions, according to a survey carried out by the Dutch travel website Travel Bird. With over 825k mentions via hashtags, Rio’s postcard is the 30th on this list - that is topped by Disneyland, in the United Stated, with 14.6 million references. The Eiffel Tower, in France (2nd, 7.2 million); the Berlin Wall, in Germany (5th, 4.5 million); and the Colosseum, in Italy (17th, 1.7 million) were among the top 30.

jul 17, 2018 | Brazil is the best destination in the world for Adventure tourists

If you are a fan of adventure tourism, start planning your trip to Brazil now. The largest country of South America is the best destination in the world for this practice, according to the Best Countries international ranking, disclosed in early July. The survey, that analyzed 80 countries and interviewed 21 thousand tourists, highlights the variety of activities, the cordiality of the people and the natural beauties as the country’s greatest attractions.

jul 13, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro offers tours that go beyond the postcards

What about starting the day jogging at the beach, having a picnic in the forest and ending the day having a beer sitting on the sidewalk or simply watching the sunset? All these with a guaranteed view of world-renowned postcards. Those visiting Rio de Janeiro for leisure or in the interval of a business trip may enjoy an experience that goes beyond classic tours and contemplation of breathtaking views. Gateway for tourists in Brazil, the city offers its vast cultural, musical, gastronomic and historical diversity with a one-of-a-kind joy. The options of sights are so many that it is worth planning to live and breathe this city. And nearby some of the city’s consecrated postcards, as the Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches, the Sugarloaf and the Christ the Redeemer, one can feel like a true carioca. Check out the tour:

jun 21, 2018 | Copacabana is among the most valuable beaches in the world

Copacabana is the third most valuable beach in the world, with an estimated value of 801 million pounds, according to the ranking prepared by the British website Canvas Holidays, specialized in international camping, which evaluated the 15 most popular beaches in the world.

jun 05, 2018 | Electronic visas to Brazil are issued in 72 hours and applications increase by 41%

Permission to travel granted in less than 72 hours, without having to leave home. The new online facilitated visa granting process to USA, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens has increased the number of applications in Brazil by 41%. Between February and May of this year, 75% of the 81,123 applications submitted from the four countries were done electronically. The analysis takes no more than three days — between application, submission of documents and issuance of the visa — and does not require that applicants go to the consulates.