jan 30, 2019 | Rio to deploy face recognition system during the Carnival period

Rio de Janeiro will deploy the face recognition project during the Carnival period. This was reported to Agência Brasil by Secretary of State for the Military Police Department, Colonel Rogério Figueredo de Lacerda. This initiative will be put to the test first in Copacabana, the city’s most famous neighborhood, which is paraded by several Carnival street-dancing groups. Using traffic and security cameras installed on poles and buildings, it will be possible to identify people who have arrest warrants issued in their names or check license plates of vehicles to see if they have been stolen.

jan 24, 2019 | Rio ends 2018 with lowest number of homicides since 1991

The state of Rio de Janeiro closed 2018 with a significant decrease in the number of murders. It was the December with the lowest number of victims of the past 27 years. Taking the monthly records into account, according to the Public Security Institute (ISP), official statistics agency, it was the lowest number of deaths since November 2015: 341. When we compare with the same month in 2017, the reduction was of 23%, and, in comparison with November 2018, the reduction was of 1%. In the months of October, November and December, there was a decrease of 21% in comparison with the same period of 2017 and 5% in comparison with the three previous months of 2018 (July, August and September).

jan 21, 2019 | Rio will look for criminals by facial recognition

The search for criminals through cameras with facial recognition program, which is already a reality in several countries, begins to be implanted in Rio de Janeiro. A partnership between the Disque Denuncia (Crime Report Hotline) service and the British company Staff of Technology Solutions will allow around 1.1 thousand of the state's most dangerous criminals to be automatically recognized when they pass through one of the cameras that make up the system called Facewatch.

dez 26, 2019 | Rio has the lowest number of homicides in three years

The state of Rio de Janeiro saw, in November, an 18% drop in the number of premeditated murders compared to the same period last year. It is the lowest in three years, according to data released on Tuesday (12/18) by the Public Security Institute (ISP), the agency in charge of official statistics on violence. The survey also shows a 19% reduction in the last three months (September, October and November) compared to the same period in 2017 and a 1% reduction compared to the previous three months of 2018 (June, July and August).

nov 21, 2018 | Rio reduces homicide and increases drug seizure

Once again, the state of Rio de Janeiro recorded a drop in violence rates. In October, murder indicators dropped significantly by 22% in relation to the same period last year. It is the lowest number for the month since 2014: 378 victims, according to the Institute of Public Security (ISP). The Federal Highway Police (PRF), responsible for patrolling the roads that provide access to the state, reported that drug seizure in the first ten months of the year increased by 327%.

oct 18, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro records a drop in crime rates

The state of Rio de Janeiro recorded a drop in the number of violent deaths in September. Data released by the Institute of Public Security (ISP) show that the indicator of violent deaths (murder, robbery followed by death, bodily injury followed by death and deaths resulting from police intervention) registered the lowest index of the year: 504 victims, a 13% reduction over September 2017. Compared to the previous month (August 2018), the drop was 9%.

sep 18, 2018 | Seizure of weapons breaks records in Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio de Janeiro, formed by 91 municipalities and the capital, registered a record firearm seizure in August. According to data supplied by the Institute of Public Security (ISP) last Friday (14th), the police seized 823 units, 10% more than the corresponding period last year. August was the month the highest number of weapons seized since May 2017.

sep 13, 2018 | Rio residents are in favor of continuing security

A survey conducted with voters in Rio de Janeiro suggests that 72% are in favor of continuing the federal intervention in public security in the state. According to the Datafolha Institute, one of the largest in Brazil, only 21% of Rio residents are against. Initiated in February, the intervention – expected to end on December 31, earned a transition plan earlier this month. With this, the intervention office is to remain active until June 30, 2019.

aug 21, 2018 | Rio puts technology at the service of the police

Since early August, the Rio de Janeiro Military Police has had the aid of a new tool to fight violence. The PMERJ Portal, as the application was named, integrates different corporate systems in a single digital environment and allows commanders and managers to access data from anywhere, in real time, using mobile devices, like smartphones.

aug 15, 2018 | Rio has decline in crimes against property and robberies followed by death

The state of Rio de Janeiro registered a sharp decline in four violence indicators in July: car theft, cargo theft, street crimes and robbery followed by death, according to information supplied by the Institute of Law Public Security (ISP) last Tuesday (14th). Considering occurrences registered by Civil Police stations in the 92 municipalities of the state, including the capital, the three crimes against property (car and cargo theft and street crimes) maintained the downward trend registered in recent months when compared to the same period last year.

aug 08, 2018 | Rio has sharp decline in cargo theft rates

The state of Rio de Janeiro registered a sharp decline (35%) in cargo theft rates in the last quarter, compared with the same period last year. Considering the months of April, May and June, the number of occurrence records in Civil Police stations dropped from 3,254 in 2017 to 2,399 in 2018. The most significant drop was verified in May: 65% (752 occurrences against 1,240).