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mar 21, 2019 | Exhibition shows articles rescued from National Museum fire

Locals and tourists can now check out about 103 articles rescued from the fire that destroyed the main building of the National Museum last September. The collection, plus 77 items that were not at the institution's building at the occasion, are part of the "Museu Nacional Vive – Arqueologia do Resgate" ("National Museum Lives - Rescue Archaeology") exhibition on display at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) until April 29. The highlight this free-entry exhibition is the Santa Luzia Meteorite that fell in the countryside of Brazil in 1922.

feb 07, 2019 | Brazilian Music Experience in the City of Arts

Starting today (02/07), tourists and Cariocas will be able to live an once-in-a-lifetime experience in Rio’s largest cultural complex: the City of Arts. It is the Brazilian Music Experience, which will take the public travelling through the 97,000-square-meter complex. The building opened in 2013, is built in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio’s West side, and features a varied programming with music, theater, dance, plastic arts, fairs and other Brazilian artistic manifestations.

jan 23, 2019 | Rio receives title of world capital of architecture

Rio de Janeiro was chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the first world capital of architecture. The city, which was also the first to receive the title of world's cultural heritage in the urban landscape category in 2012, will host the 27th World Congress of Architects in 2020.

jan 07, 2019 | Oscar Niemeyer is featured in an exhibition and on the streets of Rio

The work of Oscar Niemeyer is featured in an exhibition that has just opened in Rio de Janeiro. Until January 31st, those who go through CasaShopping in Barra da Tijuca, in the city’s West Side, can see mock-ups and engravings signed by the architect, and to travel through the history of Brazilian architecture. Throughout his life, Niemeyer has created countless projects, leaving an impressive legacy. His works, with peculiar traits and genius forms, create strangeness and attract attention, and end up becoming tourist attractions. Cariocas and tourists who walk through the streets of Rio and Niterói, in the city’s metro area, bump into this legacy daily. We chose five works you cannot miss:

dez 20, 2018 | Rio’s port area shows the history of Afro-Brazilian culture

The city of Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1565, bears witness to several chapters in Brazilian history. Numerous were the episodes that had its streets as the scenario. In 2011, during the works to revitalize the port area, part of this history was rediscovered: the Valongo Wharf. Designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the old dock received thousands of enslaved Africans and is part of Little Africa. A part of the city that deserves to be seen by those who visit.

dez 17, 2018 | German government invests in museum restoration in Rio

The National Museum, located in Rio de Janeiro, has just received a donation of € 180.8 thousand rom the German government, which corresponds to about R$ 808 thousand. The amount will be used to recover the collection of the institution, hit by a major fire on September 2.

dez 04, 2018 | Rio receives four new murals and establishes itself as an urban art pole

Rio de Janeiro was given four new large urban art murals in November, three of which, painted on external walls of hospitals of the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (Inca), in the downtown area, are part of the second edition of the “Rio Esporte Arte” cultural project, which theme is cycling and canoeing. The room, painted on a building on Rua Lavradio, in Lapa, honors black women.

nov 29, 2018 | Historic wharf in Rio named world heritage site and receives US funds

The Valongo Wharf, the largest port of entry for enslaved Africans in Latin America, has just received the title of World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). The archaeological site located in the port area of the city of Rio de Janeiro and discovered in 2011 will also receive US$ 500,000 (about R$ 2 million) in investments by the US government for recovery and conservation works.

nov 15, 2018 | Jean Paul Gaultier designs costumes for Rio carnival parade

Portela, the samba school that holds the largest number of Carnival titles in Rio de Janeiro, will have a French accent in its 2019 parade. Jean Paul Gaultier, known for his taboo-breaking creations and for his famous brand of perfumes, will debut in the greatest spectacle on Earth. The stylist – alongside carnavalesca Rosa Magalhães, responsible for the parade – will sign the costumes of one of the wings, and will cross Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, where the parades are held, on an allegorical float. It is the first time that an international fashion maison collaborates with a Brazilian samba school.

oct 26, 2018 | Themes and samba-plots defined for 2019 Rio de Janeiro Carnival

With just four months remaining until the beginning of the great est show on Earth, the 14 samba schools of Rio’s Special Group have already defined which themes and sambas they will take to Marquês de Sapucaí Avenue, on March 3 and 4, 2019. The themes chosen include honors to personalities, social and political criticism and abstract themes, such as time, magic and transformations. Tickets for locals and tourists will go on sale soon.

oct 30, 2018 | Rio gets an open-air urban art gallery

Cariocas and tourists did not just start seeing the gigantic graffiti drawn on the walls and facades of buildings in the revitalized port area of Rio de Janeiro. However, the area comprising the neighborhoods Saúde and Gamboa and the entire Orla Conde seafront, downtown, has just been officially transformed into the city’s first open-air museum: the Museu de Arte Urbana do Porto (Maup, in English, Urban Art Museum in the Port). In all, there are over 50 murals crafted by Brazilian and foreign artists.

oct 24, 2018 | The largest exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat in Latin America is on display in Rio

The largest ever exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) in Latin America arrives in Rio de Janeiro. Until January 7, cariocas and tourists will be able to enjoy an unprecedented retrospective of the North American painter, icon of neo-expressionism and pop culture, at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), in the district of Centro. Altogether, there are 80 paintings, drawings and prints, as well as porcelain dishes painted by New Yorker painter Basquiat in honor of artists and friends.

oct 09, 2018 | Urban art invades streets and cultural and commercial centers of Rio

Rio de Janeiro, home of the world’s second largest graffiti according to the Guinness World Records, will be the capital of urban art in the coming days. This weekend, on the 13th and 14th, the sixth edition of Arte Core will occupy the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), at Aterro do Flamengo, Rio’s South Zone. Elephant Parade, in turn, occupies BarraShopping, in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone, and several streets in the city until November, with 60 elephant statues customized by great national artists.

oct 03, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro approves cultural performances on trains, subways and ferry boats

Cariocas and tourists who use the Rio de Janeiro transportation systems daily are now able to enjoy cultural performances at the stations and inside the trains, subways and ferry boats. The performances, that help people kill time during the trips, are now approved. That is determined by an act approved by the state legislators, sanctioned by state governor Luiz Fernando Pezão and published in the Official Gazette on September 26th. In the coming days, the Department of Transportation, which regulates the concession holders that control the transport modals, will announce the regulation of the act.

oct 02, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro Museum wins the Oscar of museums in London

The Museum of Tomorrow, a symbol of the revitalization of the Rio de Janeiro port area, won the Leading Culture Destinations Awards on Friday, September 28th, in London, England. The British award, considered the Oscars of Museums, determined the Rio de Janeiro institution was the best in promoting the soft power, an English expression that indicates the ability to indirectly influence the behavior of society. Abu Dhabi’s Louvre, in the United Arab Emirates, and the Vancouver Museum, in the USA, were also running.

sep 26, 2018 | Rio has plenty cheap street food for all tastes

A crepe on the sidewalks of Paris, France, roasted chestnuts in the winter of Lisbon, in Portugal, or a glass of chopped tropical fruit on the corners of Cartagena, Colombia. Every city in the world holds gastronomic secrets in its streets. In Rio de Janeiro, it’s no different. However, here, locals and tourists have varied - but not less traditional - menu to try.

sep 17, 2018 | Contemporary art on display in Rio de Janeiro

From September 26 to 30, Rio de Janeiro will be promoting the eighth edition of the Rio de Janeiro Contemporary Art Fair (ArtRio) at Marina da Glória, South Zone of the city. The event, one of the largest in Latin America, is an opportunity to see, in a single space, works of the great Master of Art and to get to know the work of new artists in a special selection of major galleries of the country and the world. Tickets are on sale at

sep 11, 2018 | Rio de Janeiro promotes design week

The sixth edition of Rio Design Week opens next Thursday (09/13) at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in Parque do Flamengo, in Rio’s South Zone. For four days, prominent names in design, fine arts and decoration will be gathered in lectures, workshops, exhibitions and numerous cultural and gastronomic attractions. The idea of the event is to show that design is part of people’s daily lives.

aug, 24 2018 | 100 years of beauty and mysteries in Rio’s South Zone

On the corner of Rua Dois de Dezembro with the Flamengo Beach, among grandiose buildings, lives one the most majestic residents of this neighborhood in Rio’s South Zone. Its curves – that fascinate anyone who passes or drives by it – are turning 100 years old. But its history is surrounded by controversies, legends and mysteries. Some say the 1918 construction is haunted. Others refer to the beauty of this place as if they were speaking of a great love. Controversies apart, visiting the Castelinho do Flamengo is an excellent program.

aug, 23 2018 | Queermuseum arrives in Rio with a focus on diversity

The exhibition “Queermuseum: Cartografias da Diferença na Arte Brasileira” arrived in Rio de Janeiro last weekend. The 264 works by 85 artists - that explore gender identity, diversity and difference - will be exhibited daily until September 16 at Parque Lage’s School of Visual Arts (EAV), in Jardim Botânico, South Zone of the city.

aug 08, 2018 | Canadian short film wins Anima Mundi and will compete for the Oscars

The Canadian short film “Animal Behavior” was the winner of the 26th edition of Anima Mundi, the biggest animation festival in Latin America. This year the event that ended last August 5 occupied cultural centers and movie theaters in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo - the two largest cities in the Brazil and had a record number of films in the competition: 1,805 from 40 countries. Works from Germany, USA, France, Portugal, Brazil and the UK were also awarded by the official and popular juries.

aug 01, 2018 | Free fairs dictate fashion in Rio de Janeiro and boost creative economy

A city that mixes influences, creates its own fashion and dictates trends. We are not talking about Paris, France, or Milan, Italy. Those who walk around the streets of Rio de Janeiro quickly notice the carioca has a casual, creative and very charming dress code. And in the metropolis that is passionate about outdoor events, this style gave rise to a new fever: the independent fashion fairs.

jul 25, 2018 | Bossa Nova turns 60 and still inspires those who arrive in Rio

It was in the late 1950’s that Rio de Janeiro saw young middle-class musicians start shaping a new musical style. The novelty, which mixed the cadence of samba with the dynamism of jazz, took to the streets when in July 1958, João Gilberto recorded the song “Chega de Saudade”, by Tom Jobim (1927-1994) and Vinícius de Moraes (1913-1980), and started one of the most important chapters of the Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). Symbol of modernity and soundtrack of the bohemia of that time, Bossa Nova turns 60 in 2018. Its poetry often mingles with the beautiful settings of the city and its history. Antonio

jul, 18 2018 | Fiocruz’s Castle holds centenary secrets in Rio

Sitting atop a hill, facing the Guanabara Bay, Mourisco Castle, head office of Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), the most prominent science and health technology institution in Latin America, welcomes those who land in Rio’s international airport. What very few tourists know is that this recently completed 100-year-old building is open for visitation and holds secrets as fascinating as its view to the Christ the Redeemer. In fact, observing Brazil’s most famous postcard from one of its balconies is one of the surprises this hidden place offers.