Sports | feb 20, 2019

Rio is the perfect setting for practicing outdoor sports

The city of Rio de Janeiro, with its climate and lush natural landscape, is the perfect stage for practicing outdoor sports. Whether in the sea or the mountains, locals and tourists find a perfect scenario, which has already served several official competitions, including the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Below we list sports that make up the minds of those who live in the second largest metropolis in Brazil. Check it out:

Travel & Tourism | feb 19, 2019

A draft beer is always a good call in Rio’s evening

Those who think that only Rio’s beautiful beaches are packed in the summer couldn’t be more wrong. With temperature around 41ºC in January, the country’s second largest metropolis is a draft beer consumption champion. The average here is two times higher than that registered in other capitals of the country. And a true carioca doesn’t go home after working hours, at sundown. Sitting at one of the thousands of bars in the city and sipping a cold beer is almost a religion. Close to the beach, with or without a view of the sea, modern or old, the options are many. Check out some of the most popular points:

Environment | feb 18, 2019

Rio research allows resuscitation of dead corals

Coral reefs account for only 0.01% of the seabed, but for 27% of marine biodiversity. In other words, they shelter one in four species, including 65% of the fish. The numbers, which attest to the importance of this ecosystem, also justify the concern of thousands of scientists in the search for solutions that guarantee the conservation of corals, threatened by ocean pollution and global warming. A research by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in partnership with AquaRio, is the new hope to resuscitate dead zones around the planet.

Events| feb 15, 2019

A Night with Samba and joy in Rio de Janeiro

Another summer night in Rio de Janeiro. It is Saturday and, a few days before the Carnival, the dance halls of the samba schools are boiling up. Members, locals and tourists get into the groove, try to do the Samba and sing, at the top of their lungs, the Sambas that will accompany the thousands of people in the Sambadrome. It is 10PM when we enter Rua Silva Teles street, in the Andaraí neighborhood, in the North side of town. It is the address of one of the most traditional samba schools in Rio de Janeiro: Salgueiro. This school, which has conquered the Samba Schools Competition nine times, usually makes memorable outings and gathers 4 thousand people per night.

Environment | feb 14, 2019

Rio Zoo reproduces extinct bird in the state

It is estimated that one in every eight bird species worldwide is threatened with extinction. In Rio de Janeiro, the zoo has just taken an important step towards the conservation of a species that no longer inhabits the forests of the state due to predatory hunting in the 80’s. The park celebrates the birth of two cubs of black-fronted piping guan (Aburria jacutinga), typical birds of the Atlantic Forest. Products of incubation, the little ones have just been integrated into the nursery and can already be seen by visitors.